Inside Out Contracts | Web Design Case

“Our website just blows the website out the water. It’s so much easier to navigate and it just a cut above the rest”. Inside Out Contracts have been supplying & manufacturing commercial hospitality furniture since 1999. They have an extensive online range of high quality contract furniture for hotels and…

Visapedia | Web Design Case

Visapedia Inc. is an affiliate of the Law Offices of Deacon Zhang (P.C.) and an immigrant service brand for mainland China. Client: Services: Information development on WordPress, Revolution Slider, Payment (Wechat Pay & Alipay) add-on, Customized form Date: September 2018

SEO Result of Custom Neon Website

Third-Party Website, 10 Keywords Plan, 400 Keywords in Homepage. Website: 393 Keywords in Homepage Real case Google Webmaster control; Over 5K Clicks in 28 days; 210 Clicks per day; Target Country: 10 Keywords Plan; Finally more than 393 keywords in homepage; KEYWORDS POSITION custom neon sign 2 cheap neon…

SEO Result of Game Coin E-Commerce Website

For UK Google, non-global The achievement of 4 months as following: More than 600 paid orders per month, 1000 registered orders; Reach the highest standard of google optimization: there has SiteLink for website; Customer station screenshot: Website with SiteLink: 600 paid orders in month. Total 1665 orders: Proof of…

SEO Result of Financial Training Institution Website in March 2019

Third-Party website, Financial Training Institution SEO, Clicks from 80 to 3000, Impressions from 820 to 32,000; SiteLink: 2) Website Traffic Improved: Clicks from 80 to 3000, Impressions from 820 to 32,000 in 1 year. CTR is over 15%. (Most of website is only 2%). 3) What we do for website…

SEO Result of  Topscom PCB Website

Recently, We has made Google SEO optimization for a PCB product website, third-party website construction, old website new domain name, website content rich and professional. They chose our 10 keywords plan SEO plan. Website: 1. Optimization 1.1 Traffic situation The website has nearly 300 clicks per month, nearly 4w…

SEO Result of Stainless Steel Enterprise Website on March 2019

We helped Jiangsu stainless steel enterprise optimize their website. Third party website and We optimize. 299 google clicks within 28 days. see following picture. Google Webmaster Control: Customer specified keywords:   Clicks in 28 days:    Keyword Clicks Position stainless steel angle bar 95 51.6 cold rolled stainless steel 87 11.4…

SEO Result of Outdoor Playground Website in 6 months

228 keywords reach to the home page, 100,000+ impressions in 28 days. Outdoor playground website: build + search engine optimization  in 6 months result:   228 keywords reach to the homepage (customers only optimize 10 keywords) When you optimize keywords, most of long tail keywords which you do not expect…

Esoulk | Web Design Case

Esoulk is factory direct company doing wholesale. We wholesale cell phone accessories like USB cable, USB chargers, Bluetooth earphone, car mount holder, power bank. Client: Services: Shopping Cart website development on Magento, Product listing customization Date: January 2018

Everwell for Life | Responsive Web Design

Everwell For Life is an online retailer of health food supplement. They set out to create a brand that delivers premium quality products by working only with the best suppliers every step of our supply chain. Now they have their online store and you may find more details there. Client:…

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