SEO Result of Game Coin E-Commerce Website

For UK Google, non-global

The achievement of 4 months as following:

  • More than 600 paid orders per month, 1000 registered orders;
  • Reach the highest standard of google optimization: there has SiteLink for website;

Customer station screenshot:

Website with SiteLink:

600 paid orders in month. Total 1665 orders:

Proof of our SEO result:
Green part CTR conversion rate 11.4% is very high, 2% of the general website is good

Webmaster screenshot:


Top 10 keywords we optimize:


There are no SEO shortcuts: keep updating posts is the main key to reach the result !!!

We don’t do advertise! SEO real cases are our best proof !!!

$150/ Keyword / Month:

  • Paid after keyword rank to homepage; No Inquiry, No Payment, Stop SEO immediate!
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