SEO Result of Topscom PCB Website

Recently, We has made Google SEO optimization for a PCB product website, third-party website construction, old website new domain name, website content rich and professional. They chose our 10 keywords plan SEO plan.


1. Optimization

1.1 Traffic situation
The website has nearly 300 clicks per month, nearly 4w impressions, and more than 20 monthly inquiries.

1.2 Keyword optimization
Optimized for 6 months, 7 designated keyword homepage

pcb smt assembly Click to verify

china electronic manufacturing Click to verify

china oem manufacturing Click to verify

china pcb assembly Click to verify


There are more than 120 surrounding words, classification words, long tail words reach to home page.

1.3. In half a year, the weight of website has been rapidly improved, the SiteLink has been obtained. with SiteLink, that the is good result of SEO.


2. How can we do it?

2.1 Optimize pre-site code optimization

Before optimization, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the website domain name, code, content, and SEO parameters, and optimized and improved them.
a) The original domain name is cn suffix, which is not conducive to Google’s global optimization. So we recommend that customers modify to the current domain name.

b) We provide detailed in-site code optimization solutions

Partial optimization suggestion screenshot


2.2 Release of high quality external links Monthly

Each month, We will release a large number of high-quality external links for the website, and submit it to customers in the monthly optimization report, and introduce the current keyword and traffic progress, as well as the problems and improvement methods of the current website.

Partial chain screenshot


There are no SEO shortcuts: keep updating posts is the main key to reach the result !!!

We don’t do advertise! SEO real cases are our best proof !!!

$150/ Keyword / Month:

  • Paid after keyword rank to homepage; No Inquiry, No Payment, Stop SEO immediate!
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